Drone shooting in Beijing

One of the most frequent questions that Focus Film China received from clients is :

Can your team do drone shooting in Beijing?

In Beijing, the no-drone zone is getting bigger and bigger every year. Roughly speaking, inside the 5th ring road of Beijing, there is no chance to do drone shooting. But Focus Film China has certificated drone pilots. We can do beautiful drone shooting at places where it is still possible to fly.

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If it's impossible to do drone shooting of the skyline of Beijing, where it is worth doing drone shooting in Beijing?

One of the places that we got the most drone shooting requests is the Great Wall. The Great Wall is long and if you have no idea where to take off your drone, there is more chance that you got interrupted by security guards than getting beatiful footage. With our experienced drone pilots, you will have access to undevelopped sections of the Great Wall with not much tourists or interrruption. Here is a screenshot of our footage:


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When you should not do drone shooting in Beijing at all?

When there is important political meetings, sports events or holidays, drone shooting is strictly prohibited in all Beijing area. Local police contact pilots with certification telling them that they should not fly. Such like of occasions could be the two sessions ( in March) or national holidays ( in October), etc.


Latest laws about drone shooting in Beijing

On July 28th 2023, the Beijing government passed an anti-terrorism law stating that from January 1st 2024, all the drones, regardless of types, must be registered under real names; In case that a drone is sold, destroyed or stolen, drone owners must report to the government immediately.


Why it is important to get a certificated pilot with insurance?

Accidents happen during drone shooting, not only in Beijing. Getting a certificated pilot with insurance allows you to avoid troubles in case of accidents.


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